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Overjoyed at Hurricane Festival 2014 [x]

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"So what Ghost Stories means to me is like, you’ve got to open yourself up to love and if you really do, of course it will be painful at times, but then it will be great at some point." — Chris Martin

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bae: come over
me: do you have food
bae: my parents aren't home
me: are they coming back with food
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Aurora and Milky Way near Tromsø, Norway, Wayne Pinkston
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Aurora and Milky Way near Tromsø, Norway, Wayne Pinkston

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you’re all a lot hotter than you think

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i said oooh girl
shock me like an electric eel
bby girl

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What we need more in media-

Trans characters
poc characters
Desexualized female characters
Mentally Ill characters
Disabled characters
Queer characters
Female protagonists
Bi characters
Pan characters
Asexual characters
Aromantic characters

What we don’t need more of

2 or 3 Cishet white dudes as the protagonists with a bunch of queerbaiting.

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I swear at least five of my two friends don’t like me

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Vampire Weekend: The Disc Trilogy 

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You’re such a heavenly view.
coldplay - a sky full of stars.

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Jen Ramos - Colors (2011-2012)